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Fantoons / Iron Maiden - The Official Colouring Paperback Book

Fantoons / Iron Maiden - The Official Colouring Paperback Book

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Up the Irons! with this officially licensed Iron Maiden Coloring Book, packed with 72 pages of spectacular illustrations, all inspired by the band’s thunderous discography, and of course! Eddie…One of the greatest characters of all time.

With over 2,000 live performances, 100 million record sales, millions of fans around the globe and 17 monumental studio albums, Iron Maiden is rightfully heralded as one of the most significant rock bands in the world. Alongside their incredible riffs, Iron Maiden’s vast catalogue of music paints a collage of mesmerizing imagery and weaves unforgettable and haunting tales.

Created by artists of the award-winning animation studio (and huge fans of the band) Fantoons, this official Iron Maiden Coloring Book showcases artwork inspired by the band’s exhilarating sound, gripping storytelling and humour. Choose your colours, crank the music LOUD and enjoy this unique colouring book from one of the greatest bands of all time! A must-have for any Iron Maiden Fan.

Colour outside the lines at your own risk…YOU KNOW EDDIE IS WATCHING!

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