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Montana / LE The Grifters spray can

Montana / LE The Grifters spray can

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Montana x The Grifters can, possibly the first Montana Black artist can released in the artist series range going back in 2014 release.

The can has some slight rust in the inside of the top cap area as in the photo and some very minor in the bottom rim of the can. Otherwise it will be very hard to come by and is great for the collection for display.

After being asked to design a BLACK can, the journalist and photographer Good Guy Boris, founder of „The Grifters“ - one of the Internet’s most outstanding graffiti lifestyle blogs - chose our BLK 2093 „Code Red“. Born and raised in the heartlands of Eastern Europe, Boris portraits his young adulthood as a collection of ridiculous ventures in which he was surrounded by extraordinary characters.

After his first attempt at sharing his archives with mainstream and alternative medias was met with refusal, Boris created his own photojournalistic blog named „The Grifters“, which reveals a hidden but sincere beauty in the local underworld, with its hustling, corruption, and stereotypes, labeled by society as rejects. After relocating to Paris he pursued his dream of creating a multimedia project that would both entertain and educate young people who were lost in the destructive habits Boris witnessed while growing up.

His dream matches the bold statement he chose for the design of the „Code Red“ litho: „Freedom is not defined by safety“. The striking lettering reduces the design to it’s core statement. No clarification necessary.

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