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Super7 / 3.75" Slick Rick - The Ruler ReAction figure

Super7 / 3.75" Slick Rick - The Ruler ReAction figure

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Slick Rick - The Ruler ReAction 3.75” Action Figure

ReAction figures celebrate the iconic 3.75" action figures from our childhood. The classic size and sculpting style is simple, allowing Super7 to go all out with their imagination when designing these unique figures. ReAction figures continue that nostalgic form factor, making the figures we wished we had while growing up.

Super7's articulated Slick Rick ReAction Action Figure is perfect for reinspiring fans of Hip-Hop since he was one of the first to mix street style and high style into this unique mash-up.

This 3.75” articulated ReAction Figure of Slick Rick includes a microphone and gold chains that could be used as a scarf. Perfect for posing display or general play, set aside some shelf space to make room for the ReAction Figure of Slick Rick.

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