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Super7 / 3.75" Transformers - Arcee ReAction Figure

Super7 / 3.75" Transformers - Arcee ReAction Figure

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Transformers - Arcee ReAction 3.75” Action Figure

Super7's Fifth Wave of Transformers ReAction figures celebrate the iconic 3.75" action figures from our childhood. The classic size and sculpting style is simple, allowing Super7 to go all out with their imagination when designing these unique figures. ReAction figures continue that nostalgic form factor, making the figures that we wished we had while growing up.

Holding her own on the battlefield, Arcee is one of the best known female Transformers AND one of the best marksman among the Autobots. Featuring premium paint deco, the articulated Arcee ReAction 3.75" Action Figure comes with a blaster accessory.

Opponents often overlook Arcee, but it doesn’t take long for them to rue that error. We know you won’t make the same mistake and will be sure to add the Transformers ReAction figure of Arcee to your collection!

Note: Figure does not convert.

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