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Superplastic / Kranky Toofly Blind Box Series 1 figure

Superplastic / Kranky Toofly Blind Box Series 1 figure

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Superplastic / Kranky Toofly Series1 Blind Box figure

Superplastic synthetic celebrities, Janky & Guggimon,collaborated with 14 world-renowned graffiti artists to design the limited edition blind box series Kranky Series One. Pristine SUPERPLASTIC soft vinyl featuring exquisite artistry, a removable cap, and a spray paint nozzle. Shake to hear the real rattle. Every order is a SUPERPLASTIC surprise. Sold as a set of 12 or a single box. 

Limited quantities made.  

Featured Artists: 123Klan, Add Fuel, Cheo, Clogtwo, Craola, Dalek, Delvs, Flying Fortress, Mist, Reds, Scribe, TooFly... and other mystery characters.

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